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Light and airy photo wedding day

I’m so lucky to have a job that I love and also get to work in the beautiful area of North Yorkshire, just around the corner from Castle Howard. These locations help me produce timeless wedding photographs that you will still adore in years to come.

The second hat I wear is as a dance photographer. This takes me around the country working with dance schools and academies producing creative images that will become treasured family memories.

Tony Dale Photography is committed to giving you the best service possible and at a sensible price.

Weddings are one of those rare occasions when so many friends and family get together.  It’s your day and we will discuss at length your preferred approach.


I like to inject a touch of fashion with life, movement and emotion into my stylish imagery.

Wedding photographer
Wedding at The George Stamford.
Sunset wedding in Yorkshire


SWWP Award
Dance location photography.jpg
Location dance photography


Detail is everything and dance schools throughout the UK, trust and rely on me year on year to provide the very best service possible.

I offer a FULL range of options to allow you to choose which is the best for your event.

Tap dance leap
Art Gallery



Order prints online. Digital downloads and
special offer bundles.

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