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I’m so lucky to have a job that I love, and live near York and work in both

North Yorkshire and Stamford. It makes me so happy to be able to have these wonderful locations to create beautiful and timeless photographs that you will still adore in years to come. My dance work takes me all over the country with my regular clients and every year I keep adding new ones.


wedding photography

 Weddings are one of those rare occasions when so many friends and family get together, and you may want a handful of group photographs (even if it’s just to keep the family happy) but I won’t force anything on you — It’s your day after all and we will discuss at length your preferred approach. I do like the natural journalistic approach but if the surroundings, the light and the location feel's right I will also do posed shots.

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dance photograhy

Detail is everything and dance schools throughout the UK, trust and rely on me year on year to provide the very best service possible.

I offer a FULL range of options to allow you to choose which is the best for your event.

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