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Dance Festival photography
Live action, on-stage and mini studio

I am one of the longest established dance festival photographers in the UK.

I have a long-standing involvement in dance (My three daughters have all danced to the highest level), I understand dance and posing dancers, I can also provide Mini studio facilities with on-site printing or live-action shots on stage as the dancers perform.

I have full CRB certification provided by The Federation of Dance.
If you are the organiser of a dance festival or a show and are looking for a photographer to provide the very best lasting memories of the occasion then I can provide a professional service. I use the latest SILENT camera system during your event, this ensures adjudicators, audiences and dancers are not distracted.


I will set up a small portable studio at the venue and photograph dancers when requested.  This is a great facility if parents want beautifully lit and very detailed, perfectly posed photographs.


Many Festivals now prefer 'live-action' on stage photographs. This is great for capturing the dancers in action. The lighting on stage is not always ideal, but my technical knowledge and gear cope with this.  The photos are available with various festival prices on a password protected gallery. We also provided a 'Pre-booked' system for parents and dancers which supplies their dance in a downloadable gallery..

There are no costs whatsoever to you or your school, regardless of how many photos are sold.


Festival & Dance School Partners

Loughborough Autumn Dance Festival

Coalville Dance Festival

Amber Valley Festival

South Leicestershire Festival

Portsmouth Arts and Dance Festival

Slough Festival of Dance

Atherstone Dance Festival

South Staffordshire Theatre Festival

Tudor Rose Festival

Danum Dance Festival

North Leicestershire Festival of Dance

Earl Shilton Festival

Derby Dance Festival

Nuneaton Festival

Syston Dance Festival

Anglian Festival of Dance

Nottingham Festival

Ibstock Novice Festival

East Midlands Festival of Dance


Perfect Performers - Norfolk

Charnwood School of Dance

Sandra Taylor School of Dance

Dupont Dance Stage School

Dance Sensation

Studio 23 Performing Arts

Yasmin Amber School of Dance

Dance Shack

Katie Wright School Of Dance

Emily’s School of Dance

Tracy Quaife Theatre Dance School

Busybodies Studios - Norfolk

Allenova School Of Dancing

Dillys Dance Studio - Derham

Pirouette Academy Of Dance

Dance Doctors studios

Expressions Academy

Steps School of Theatre Dance

Kingsley Studio

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