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musical theatre & performance photography

An efficient service, photographing your performers. 

Dance schools use our services at their dress rehearsals and during performances where we can take all the action live on stage. We can also provide perfectly lit shots of the individual dancers and groups using our mini studio equipment. Photos are often used for the programme as well as allowing parents to view on password secure online galleries.
Having a graphic design qualification has benefited dance schools by producing beautiful poster-size prints from the shows and help with poster and programme design.





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HA Dance group
HA Dance group

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Dance Shack End performance
Dance Shack End performance


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HA Dance group
HA Dance group

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Dance is not like other performance photography, you need an understanding and flair to get the best from the various disciplines of dance, from ballet to tap, you need to know the dancer's moves...

Detail is everything and dance schools throughout the UK, trust and rely

on me, year on year to provide the very best service possible.

I offer a FULL range of options to allow you to choose which is the best for your event.


 I can provide a small studio with the best lighting equipment and various background options, along with the latest professional lab printers for my on-site printing -

 Some photographers state that "It is totally impossible to provide high-quality prints on the day", this is nonsense, and usually means they have either a lack of skills or have not got the correct equipment to produce quality work on-site, obviously this does not apply to live-action photography where there is simply not enough time. Alternative is...


We capture all the action of the dance and have many alternative ways of providing parents with photographs either by a password-protected gallery, or a download option which includes supplying ALL the images on a personal gallery. I have years of experience within the design and image-making industry, retouching and working with photographic images at the highest level..

I am a full-time professional photographer, not a 'weekend warrior' 

Live-action photography is right for some events, but not for all, you have no real control over stage lighting whereas a mini studio can get the very best from all the costume detail as well as the most flattering lighting on faces.

The advantage of using my service is that all options are available to you.


PLEASE NOTE: Dance shows and other dance events will be deleted from all sources and backups five years from the creation date in accordance with GDPR rules.

Sometimes there is a need to have two photographers to successfully cover an event, I work closely with another dance photographer Ashley Holmes. More and more we are working together on many events and projects. We also cover for one another when it's a busy time of the year or in case of illness, we will not let you down. Ashley is one of the best dance photographers around and his work and style compliments mine, his dedication to providing parents with the very best images is second to none.

Festival & Shows partners
Loughborough Autumn Dance Festival
Coalville Dance Festival
Amber Valley Festival
South Leicestershire Festival
Slough Festival of Dance
Atherstone Dance Festival

North Leicestershire Festival of Dance
South Staffordshire Theatre Festival
Tudor Rose Festival
Earl Shilton Festival
Nuneaton Festival
Anglian Festival of Dance
Nottingham Festival
Ibstock Novice Festival

Perfect Performers - Norfolk
Charnwood School of Dance
Sandra Taylor School of Dance
Dance Sensation
Studio 23 Performing Arts
Yasmin Amber School of Dance
Dance Shack
Katie Wright School Of Dance
Emily’s School of Dance
Tracy Quaife Theatre Dance School
Allenova School Of Dancing
Dillys Dance Studio - Derham

Pirouette Academy Of Dance
Dance Doctors Studios
Expressions Academy
Steps School of Theatre Dance
Kingsley Studio


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Ballet show
Ballet show

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Stage dance
Stage dance

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Dance festival background photo
Dance festival background photo

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Ballet show
Ballet show

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