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A beautiful location to spend a summers day in The George Hotel and the ceremony at St Martins Church in Stamford. Chris and Emma -  a selection from your brilliant day. A few from the 750 supplied


Nina and Bredon's wedding in early June at one of the most fairy tale settings around. It was a manic day as I was doing a dance festival either side of their ceremony. Nina had booked the 'Really Small Event' option of three hours. I arrived to take a few shots of Bre...


Pre planning is essential when your doing a photography session with people.

Arabella and Emily, two award winning dancers are having a street/ head shot session and the location I choose was the streets in Stamford in Lincolnshire where I live.

Magnificent Georgian arch...


Kevin & Louise's wedding last weekend turned out to be another wet wedding day. The service was held in Loughborough at the Sacred Heart church followed by a reception a Quorn Country Hotel. It was challenging with the lightning inside the church being mixed and dark,...


Getting ready shots when everyone is getting hair, make-up and dress adjustments, is my favorite part of the day and some of my best pictures are taken  at this point of the day.

Windy days are a mixed blessing hair in faces!!!

BUT it's great for action shots.

As in most...


I have been asked once again to cover the The Georgian Ball in Stamford in 2017. What an amazing experience!. It's like being on a film set for Pride & Prejudice (Part of the film was filmed in Stamford).

The buildings, costumes and the people attending all transport yo...


The last few months before Christmas are always busy with Dance events, and every weekend now until the end of November is booked with Dance festivals... And I see the weather is now changing to be colder! great. I hate driving on slippy roads.

December weddings can be...


The wedding of Hayley & Dave on September the 10th really tested my skills and the weather protection of my gear. I took a selection of gear along to cover most eventualities. 

Fuji XPro 2

Fuji XT1

10-24 Lens

16 f1.4

23 f1.4

35 f2

56 f1.2

50-140 f2.8

Fuji ef x20 Flash

Nissin i40...


On Wednesday I did a head-shot session for a dancer moving into acting and needing photos for her profile sheet.

The day was bright and a harsh mid day sun. By careful placing and using a reflector at distance I got some lovely shots of Sam. The Fuji XPro 2 with a combi...



I have noticed a distinct decline in certain situations over the last couple of years. The rise of the iphone both in numbers and in ease and quality of images has made certain events - Dance festivals in particular - have become very hit and miss events. Obviously pa...

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Why the switch from Canon to Fuji?

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