Wedding Photography booking information for Stamford, the Midlands, UK & destination weddings


Enquiry stage

I only shoot the weddings of couples I click with, which is so important because I’m going to be at your wedding all day so you need to like me! If I don’t hear from you for a week or so I’ll send you a reminder as I’m sure you’ll be snowed under with wedding planning. If I get another enquiry for the same date I’ll let you know. The first to put down a booking fee gets the date, but I offer the first enquiry first refusal.


Meeting up

It’s important that we meet up around the time of the booking. After all, we’ll be spending hours with you on your wedding day and we all need to know that we’ll get along and have a great time. We’ll chat about your plans and ensure that it’s possible for us to take the pictures that you want whatever the weather. We will chat about what makes you self conscious or what little foibles you may have. I have even discussed make up!! Make up artists know they can't slap on any old foundation on and expect her face to be non-shiney in the photo. If your doing your own make up PLEASE avoid foundation that contains SPF

New GDPR rules to make you aware of.

Please make your guests aware of who the photographer is and individuals should have the option of not being photographed..


To book my services I require a £150 non-refundable booking fee and my completed agreement. No date is reserved until this is received. A booking fee paid by the client are considered earned by the photographer upon signing this agreement, even if customer cancels or postpones the wedding or changes the date or time of the wedding.  The rest of the payment is due no later than 14 days prior to the wedding.
The balance of the complete package price must be paid  by the due date. If, for any reason the final payment is not received by due date, wedding photography will not take place until the agreed payment is made.
Payments can be made by Bank transfer, Cheque or Debit/Credit Card/credit card.

(You can split your payments into three manageable amounts).


The Viewing

While you enjoy your honeymoon I’ll transform your wedding pictures into a collection of stunning images. These will be ready for viewing when you return, giving you something to look forward to before you have to return to reality!

Professional Photographer,  Specialising in Wedding day Storytelling. Also covering Dance & Conferences


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