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Just because you have a microprocessor in your computer doesn’t make you a writer. And just because you have bought a camera doesn’t make you a photographer!

I have noticed a distinct decline in certain situations over the last couple of years. The rise of the iphone both in numbers and in ease and quality of images has made certain events - Dance festivals in particular - have become very hit and miss events. Obviously parents are feeling the squeeze on there budgets, but it becomes the case of snapping the costume in a corridor or next to a wall is easy... and that's 'job done'. Then there are the parents who appreciate how important lighting is to capture the pose, the subtle colours the skill of a professional and can walk away with a print provided at the event that will still be in existence in 70 years time! People still want to see high quality images. Technology is getting better at automating the technical aspects of photography, but any camera or phone is reliant on the photographer, It’s fair to say that phones are already making their mark on photography, and are changing the role of the professional. I still have lots of parents at events who take lots of pictures with there phone but come to me for the print that goes on there wall at home. As professionals we have to adapt, over the last year I have dropped a couple of Festivals where it was not financially viable being there, but other work, different work has filled the void.

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