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Dance Festival & latest wedding.

Last week was manic with an eight day Dance Festival and right in the middle, an all day wedding!. With the added problems realted to setting up in a 'new' location.... on the whole it was OK... The main problem is, as always, if your not in full view, people forget your there.

This is the first full event where the Fuji X system has had a thorough work out! pleased to say all went well. The files straight out of the camera needed very little adjustment and the skin tones where just far nicer than out of the Canon 5D3 cameras.

The Wedding on Friday with Kate & Stuart was really nice, the venue has lots of ideal locations for time with the couple and on the whole everything went fine. The weather stayed dry but that's all you could really say about it. At least a very flat grey sky has got to be better than rain!!

I think I could cut down the lenses used to just two. The 23mm on the Fuji X100s and 50-140 on the XT1. Ocassionally need the 14mm and the 56 1.2 but I really think less is more.

The best thing out of the whole day of wedding photography has to 'NO BACK ACHE'

The full frame DSLR's are really history now. I'm so looking forward to Fuji bringing out the new XPro 2 ASAP.

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