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Why the switch from Canon to Fuji?

I have been a 'Canon Man' ever since I started working professionally... that would have been the 10d, then the 20d then the 1DS then the 5d then 5dMk2 and finally the 5dMk3. Now my kit has shrunk and my back is really appreciating the lighter weight. so a new era begins with Fuji. A tiny small X100s and the interchangeable XT1 with 14,18-55, 23,35,56 and 50-140 lenses. I'm actually enjoying taking pictures again.

I can honestly say that the difference between the resolution from full frame to APSc is not worth worrying about, even if your doing prints to A2 prints! Canon always had two levels of lenses, the consumer and the L professional. Fuji has one level all equivalent to Canon's professional series and in many cases out performing them. The Fuji prime lenses provide outstanding image quality. Truly outstanding. Everything is sturdy and well made (almost all metal construction, including the lenses) and having owned and used Canons 85 1.2 L which optically is superb BUT is slow to focus, difficult to use wide open in anything but a controlled situation where you can take time to focus on the area you need. The fuji 56 1.2 is FAST and the focus hit wide open is way ahead of the canon.

For the future I will purchase the new X2 version of either the Xpro or the XT when announced??. I will add the 10-24 for travel and the 90. That should really do me for a while!.

Hoping Fuji come up with a professional level TTL flash system equivalent to my Canon EX600 RT?.

My first wedding with the new gear is next month and I will give a full update and review.

With help and encouragement from fellow professional photographers


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